Client Development

Which clients should I focus on? Which targets should I go after? What is the best way of developing contacts? How should I set about building a marketing plan for myself or my firm? How can I measure the success of my efforts? These are all questions asked every day by people charged with developing business in every sector and profession.

Of course, the answers to these questions will depend on a multitude of interrelated factors. These can often lead to apparently conflicting priorities and a lack of focus. It is precisely that focus that Esprima can bring. A rigorous analysis of the current position and a clear understanding of the desired outcomes are combined to produce a simple, prioritised plan that can be tracked over a period of weeks and months – both firm-wide and for the individual business developer.

Having worked with the client to produce this plan, Esprima will then provide regular external monitoring of progress – a key discipline for successful implementation. In addition, Esprima offers suggestions and solutions to overcome obstacles as they arise – from ideas to overcome challenges with specific clients through to training and coaching on core skills that are relevant to all client relationships.

Testimonials “Chris has successfully run a number of courses for our clients on a range of topics, catering for lawyers of all backgrounds and experience. The feedback has been universally enthusiastic, highlighting Chris’s engaging style and the very practical nature of his approach to training. The fact that many clients have returned for multiple sessions is testimony to the success and impact of Chris’s work.” Moray McClaren, Managing Director, Iberian Lawyer Magazine “Within the context of our innovative MBA Programme, tailored for members of the leadership structure of the firm, Chris ran the Business Development module, covering networking and pitching. Throughout the lively sessions, Chris caught the attention of nearly 50 delegates, combining conceptual topics with practical exercises, all carefully prepared taking into account our cultural and professional environment. No doubt, Chris contributed to strengthen our lawyers’ focus on clients, their needs and mindset.” Rodrigo Esteves de Oliveira, Dean of VdAcademia, Vieira de Almeida & Associados, Lisbon, Portugal