Networking Skills

It is just so easy to turn up at a networking event and have a really good time catching up with old friends and colleagues. The whole point of these events is to reach out and meet new people and develop new relationships, but so many people hide behind the familiar and the comfortable – either through laziness or lack of confidence.

At Esprima, we can provide you with a series of tools and techniques that will allow you to face these events with confidence and a sense of purpose – resulting in tangible benefits for your business and/or your social life. It’s not just a case of having ‘the patter’. Everyone can learn to be an effective networker.

Of course, the real test of networking comes in how well you follow up on the contacts you have made. We also look at how best to exploit (but not annoy!) the names on the business cards you have gathered.

Training can be provided to groups in tailored sessions from 2-hour to full day events, for groups of up to 20 people. Ideally, this training will take place before a specific planned event, but is also useful in developing good habits for ongoing client development activities.


“We were planning our annual client party and realised that a key to success would be the ability of our lawyers to approach and mix with our guests – not something that many of them do naturally. We invited Chris to run a session focussed specifically on maximising the results from the evening, and his training was central in producing our best event ever. What is more, the skills learned for that evening have been put to good use at subsequent events, conferences etc. Even the lawyers enjoy networking now!”
Janine Beunings, Head of Marketing & Communications, Dewey & LeBoeuf, Frankfurt

“Chris took my team through a lively, enjoyable, yet challenging experience, which provided them with great tools and techniques to go out and network with focus. I have been delighted to see the increased confidence and improvement in etiquette. I can say that the energy from the session has converted into concrete results, with a rise in the number of valuable conversations being had at events.”
Ed Weatherall, Manging Director, Concep, London