How many times have you attended a meeting where all focus has been lost and any outcomes have become bogged down in disagreement? A wasted (and frustrating!) two hours for everyone – how much does that cost your business?

But it doesn’t have to be that way. By using an independent facilitator, those meetings can become productive, with clear and agreed outcomes, and participants leaving the room with a sense of satisfaction – and even a smile on their face. Whether the objective of the group is to make a decision, solve a problem, or simply to exchange ideas and information, Esprima can facilitate that process.

Having spent time with the client to understand the purpose and outcome of the meeting, we will focus on the preparation for the session – the key to success – from ensuring that all relevant stakeholders are involved and that the room is set up in the most effective way, through to designing the agenda, and agreeing how each item should be tackled and how long it should take.

During the session itself, we will use a range of appropriate models and methods that will allow participants to understand all the issues at stake and all alternative courses of action. We will not make assumptions about the way a given group will interact, but rather we will adapt to the different cultures of our client organisations. We will encourage participation from all attendees and foster solutions and outcomes that incorporate diverse points of view.


“Chris has facilitated a number of workshops and events with our law firm clients in both Spain and Portugal. His approach is organised, yet relaxed, ensuring that the objectives of the sessions are achieved whilst at the same time fully engaging even the more reluctant participants. His ability to work in the local languages and cultures is truly impressive.”
Moray McLaren, Editor, Iberian Lawyer magazine

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“Chris has facilitated our annual Stakeholders’ Conference for the past two years. Not only does he do a great job on the day in hosting the event and making sure that everything goes smoothly for the 150+ delegates, but he also puts in a lot of work with my team ahead of the event to ensure that the design of the day achieves our goals and maximises our investment.”
Dominic Cain, Head of Client Services, Southwark Council

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