Presentation Skills

We all know that nervous feeling as we prepare to stand up and speak to an audience – for some it provides just that adrenalin rush that brings energy and spark to the delivery, for many it represents the worst kind of nightmare. From conferences to best man speeches, from team meetings to client presentations – each scenario presents different conditions and challenges.

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At Esprima, we have years of experience in all of these different situations and have helped many to become confident – not only about delivery for a specific event, but also about presenting in general. Most people finish a presentation and say, “Thank goodness that’s over!” After training with Esprima, people say, “That was fun – when’s the next one?”

By understanding and assessing a) the result you are trying to achieve, b) the audience you are facing and c) your own skills and style, the perfect cocktail can be mixed for maximum impact.

Training can be provided to groups in tailored sessions from 2-hour to full day events, for groups of up to 10 people. This training covers the key principles of preparation and delivery as well as practical exercises to test key skills.

Private coaching ahead of a key presentation is delivered to suit the timing and particular needs of the client. These sessions can transform the outcome of the presentation and therefore the impact on the audience. In a business context, this can have a direct influence on the generation of new business. Click here for more details of the “Great Presentations…for Life” method.


“Chris has a remarkable talent for bringing ideas to life, making the connection between the message and the audience. With his help, I have been able to transform routine presentations of apparently unexciting concepts into real performances that engage, inform and entertain the audience – assisting me to seek out new opportunities and to make new contacts as a result”
Agnes Quashie, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal LLP

“I was due to give a speech at an evening the firm was hosting for headhunters. Public speaking is not one of my strengths, but I prepared a script and then rehearsed it a few times with Chris as my coach. The difference between my first practice performance and the speech I eventually gave to the headhunters was dramatic. With Chris’s help the speech came to life, I gained a huge amount of confidence and actually enjoyed the experience!”
Julia Sherlock, Chief Administrative Officer, Dewey & LeBoeuf

“Chris has quite simply transformed the way I look at preparing for conference speeches.
Having been engaged to speak at an international conference I wanted to ensure my presentation was the best it could be. By making me focus on the outcome I was trying to achieve and the audience in front of me, he assisted in taking me to a new level of performance. I continue to use Chris to help develop presentations and in particular value the creativity and structure he brings. It really helps in bringing the subject matter to life.”

Dominic Cain, Head of Client Services, Southwark Council