Interview Coaching

For many people, an interview can represent one of the most stressful moments of their lives.  So much can ride on those few minutes:  a promotion, a new job, a place at university or on a placement programme.  Success or failure can change the course of their future.

At Esprima, we give interview candidates the tools, techniques and structures that allow them to face these potentially stressful events with confidence…and a smile.

Through role-plays, the candidate will practice key interview principles, and will also rehearse specific scenarios that they will be confronting on the day.

Most candidates will be well prepared after a single coaching session of 1½-2 hours, although a follow-up session may sometimes be required.  We also work with groups – typically young people applying for placements/university, or recent graduates looking to secure their first job.

To view a video with tips on great interview skills, please click here.